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Atlantis Law Firm strives for excellence in all areas of its practice. The firm's attorneys are wholeheartedly invested providing the best offerings in terms of how they treat their clients, perform their legal work, run and manage the firm, and serve the community. The firm understands that there are many choices out there; however, Atlantis Law Firm sets itself apart from the crowd. When you retain the services of the Rancho Cucamonga bankruptcy lawyers at Atlantis Law Firm, you are not just a client - you are welcomed into their family and treated with respect, dignity and compassion. Below is an outline of the way the firm focuses its efforts and descriptions of just some of the services the attorneys provide.

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Personal Client Interaction

  • You are more than a client - The whole team at Atlantis Law Firm takes extra time to get to know each and every one of their clients. You will always be greeted with a warm smile and be welcomed into the office. At Atlantis Law Firm, they take the time to get to know their clients on a personal and friendly level. It is extremely important that you work with a professional and friendly attorney when you are considering filing for bankruptcy, and that is the kind of representation that Atlantis Law Firm provides.
  • Compassion and respect - Most clients come to Atlantis Law Firm during difficult financial and legal times. The firm empathizes with its clients and understands that you are looking for help, so the lawyers are there to help you. Atlantis Law Firm is here to give you trusted legal advice, but also to listen to you, give you some peace of mind and help you achieve the goals you have set out for yourself.
  • Bilingual services - Southern California is one of the most diverse regions in the country. The team members at Atlantis Law Firm speak Spanish and Vietnamese in addition to English to better serve and assist clients.
  • Availability - The attorneys at Atlantis Law Firm are always available to make time for their clients. They are here to answer questions and address concerns and are always just a phone call or email away. Atlantis Law Firm also provides nighttime and weekend appointments to fit any busy schedule.

Expert Legal Services

  • 100% success rate for Chapter 7 bankruptcies - Atlantis Law Firm has filed many Chapter 7 bankruptcies throughout Southern California in the Los Angeles, Riverside and Santa Ana divisions of the United States Bankruptcy Court. They have had a 100% success rate of discharge. Atlantis Law Firm works hard for clients to make sure there are no problems or issues with their bankruptcy filings.
  • Diverse expertise - Atlantis Law Firm's attorneys have extensive experience in financial transactional legal work including bankruptcy, debt relief, estate planning and business law. Not only can they provide legal advice and solutions, but they also can help you make financial decisions that are best for you and your family.
  • Attorney-performed work - Only Atlantis Law Firm attorneys will work on your case. Other law firms pass casework on to paralegals or legal assistances. At Atlantis Law Firm, your case will be handled directly by an attorney from start to finish. Rest assured that your case will be handled diligently.
  • Long-term solutions - The attorneys at Atlantis Law Firm will work with you to formulate the best long-term solution to your legal and financial issues. They aim to keep clients' best interests at the forefront of cases and ensure that the assistance you need is provided to help you and your family for the long haul, not just to offer quick-fix solutions.
  • High ethical standards - At Atlantis Law Firm, the attorneys strictly follow the California Rules of Professional Conduct. They take this very seriously and make sure they practice the law ethically with each case. The attorneys are constantly reviewing and updating their procedures to comply with ethical rules.
  • Up-to-date blog - Atlantis Law Firm's blog is a useful and helpful resource. The blog is updated frequently to keep clients informed about recent changes in bankruptcy law and current events. These articles are written with clients in mind so that you know what is going on with issues that may affect your situation.

Innovative Firm Management

  • Cutting-edge technology - Atlantis Law Firm prides itself on using cutting-edge technology. The attorneys use innovative legal software and computer programs to make sure your case runs as efficiently and quickly as possible. They also use powerful security measures to protect your information.
  • Environmentally conscious - The Atlantis Law Firm is a paperless firm that conducts all work on computers, laptops and tablets. They have fully adopted the "Go Green" movement and have drastically reduced their carbon footprint.
  • Efficient - Going paperless and using innovative technology enables the firm to run efficiently and not waste any time or resources. Your case will be expedited because of the firm's office procedures, and the attorneys will help you achieve your goals as fast as they can.

Community Service

  • Free educational seminars - Atlantis Law Firm has given free educational seminars to the public regarding bankruptcy, loan modification and various methods of debt relief. They believe that as attorneys, they have a duty to assist and educate the public. These seminars are valuable tools that help to keep the public informed about their options and allow the lawyers to give out free legal advice.
  • Pro bono service - Atlantis Law Firm strongly believes in pro bono work and serving the community. The attorneys frequently offer pro bono services such as free Chapter 7 filing services to clients who need it the most. They are proud to help the community whenever they can.
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