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A mass tort is a lawsuit that involves many plaintiffs who want to pursue a settlement from the same company under personal injury law. The experienced attorneys at Atlantis Law represent plaintiffs involved in a variety of mass tort lawsuits. Call the firm to learn about your options to seek compensation against a negligent company or manufacturer through a mass tort.

Common Types of Mass Tort Claims

Common mass tort cases include lawsuits against:

  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical companies that manufactured dangerous drugs
  • Manufacturers of harmful medical devices widely used by hospitals
  • Product manufacturers that sold harmful items
  • Airlines responsible for accidents involving many passengers
  • Bus companies responsible for accidents involving many passengers
  • Food product companies that sold dangerous or harmful products

The Advantages of Pursuing Mass Tort

When many people have been affected by a defective product or have been affected by the same preventable accident, they may increase their chances of winning compensation by rallying under a team of attorneys to seek a settlement. If the plaintiffs can obtain a large settlement, they will then divide that settlement to satisfy their financial losses.

Sometimes, by having many plaintiffs, the case can gain strength. The attorneys can point out how each and every plaintiff was affected in a similar way by a medication or a defective medical device or other product and show that the problem was not a one-time error but a serious issue affecting hundreds, maybe even thousands, of injured individuals. Atlantis Law can help you to determine whether it is best to rally with others in a mass tort or pursue a case on your own.

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