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By: / Probate
11 Steps to Sell a Home in Probate Without Court Approval

The probate process is lengthy and tedious. So selling a home in probate can add an extra layer of complexity to an already terrible process. .

By: / Estate Planning
How to Know if Your Advance Directive is Still Valid

It may have been years since you filled out an advanced health care directive.  Many people prepare their advance directive and then put it away .

By: / Estate Planning
When Does a Revocable Living Trust Become Irrevocable?

Sometimes the term “revocable living trust” seems like a misnomer. Your revocable living trust will not stay revocable forever. A revocable trust can become irrevocable .

By: / Probate
Selling Property in Probate: Notice of Proposed Action

If property is in probate it is possible to sell the property without court approval by serving a notice of proposed action. But not every estate can do this

By: / Irrevocable Trusts , Trusts
Funding a Bypass Trust with a Personal Residence

Funding your bypass trust with your private residence is legally permissible. But it is not always the best idea. Before funding your bypass trust . . .