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How to Fund a Bypass Trust with a Promissory Note

A bypass trust can save you millions of dollars in estate taxes. If you want to fund your bypass trust with a promissory note be careful not to. . .

By: / Probate
You Can Get Extraordinary Probate Fees for Extraordinary Work

Extra work deserves extra pay, right? Not always. This post will help you succeed on your claim for extraordinary probate fees.

By: / Estate Planning
15 Essential Duties of a Trustee Explained

There are 15 duties of a trustee that every trustee and beneficiary must know. The duty that gets trustees sued the most is. . .

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7 IRS Rules That May Make Your Trust a Disregarded Entity

If you created a trust for tax avoidance or asset protection, these seven IRS rules on disregarded entities are essential. Rule 1, never . . .

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How Does Per Stirpes Distribution Impact Your Grandchildren

One of the most common ways to distribute in the state is “per stirpes.” Per stirpes distribution dramatically affects your grandchildren if. . .