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By: / Estate Planning
Per Stirpes vs. Pro-Rata: What’s the Difference

When distributing an estate is is easy to be confused by the difference between per stirpes vs. pro-rata. The two phrases are different but interrelated.

By: / Probate
Probate Omnibus Clause: What Is It? (Sample Language)

An omnibus clause is one of the most undervalued portions of an order for final distribution. Excluding it could cost you thousands . . .

By: / Regnum Christi
Why the US Bishops Have Made the Church Irrelevant: Catholica Fidelium

By withdrawing from public ministry, the US Bishops implicitly concede that the Catholic Church is irrelevant and unessential to society.

By: / Legal News
7 Secrets About the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill that Impact Your Family

Congress passed a historic coronavirus stimulus bill which dramatically impacts many Americans. Here is what it says and how it affects you . . .

By: / Estate Planning
Per Stirpes Definition with Infographic, Charts, and Examples

Distributing an estate “per stirpes” can have a significant impact on how downline generations receive their distributions. If a child dies. . .