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You've Filed For Bankruptcy. What's Next?

Life After Bankruptcy

Moving Forward After You File

Life after bankruptcy does not have to be stressful; in fact, bankruptcy can allow you to gain a fresh perspective on life and your financial situation. Bankruptcy can enable you to get back on your feet and allow you to become a financially independent and responsible person. At Atlantis Law, the team will work diligently with you to provide you with outstanding representation throughout your bankruptcy case and also ensure that you receive the tools that you need to help you move forward after bankruptcy. By following some of the following simple steps, you can ensure that you begin to rebuild your credit and create healthy spending habits after filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Begin Rebuilding Your Credit
One of the first things that you should do after you file for bankruptcy is to begin rebuilding your credit. It is encouraged of you that you obtain a credit card. Yes, a credit card! While some people may be wary of this option - especially those who were forced to file for bankruptcy because of credit card debt - using a credit card responsibly can actually start to establish positive credit. Any type of card, even high interest cards, can be beneficial. Use the card to make small purchases such as groceries and gas and pay the balance each month. With the balance being paid on a consecutive basis, you can rest assured that your credit score will slowly start to improve.

Create Positive Spending Habits
If you do obtain a credit card, the best thing that you can do is pay off the balance each and every month and pay it off on time. When you establish these habits, you are implementing life-long spending behaviors that can help you remain debt free. If you are not using your credit card, it is important that you spend with cash. Always keeping cash on you will help you realize how much money you actually have and how much spending you can do.

Focus on Being Debt Free
Remember your end goal - being debt free! Do not pull out the plastic when you feel like you absolutely need an unnecessary item. Rethink purchases and try to live a no-frills lifestyle. Understand the expenses that you have and learn to manage your income. Budget, budget, budget! Getting and remaining debt free should always be your first priority. Atlantis Law can provide you with guidance and tools to help you achieve these goals.

How Atlantis Law Can Help

When you work with Atlantis Law, you will be working with dedicated attorneys who always have their clients' best interests in mind. They can help identify and prioritize any client's problems and short- and long-term goals. Atlantis Law treats all clients like family and they understand how difficult new habits can be to learn, which is why they offer the extensive counsel you need to improve your circumstances. The team offers free case evaluations to all potential clients, so do not hesitate to take advantage of this offer!

If you have questions about your particular situation, go ahead and contact Atlantis Law today and speak with a trusted Rancho Cucamonga bankruptcy lawyer.

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