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If You Decide Not To Pay A Debt, Does Not Mean It Will Disappear.
If You Decide Not To Pay A Debt, Does Not Mean It Will Disappear.

Many individuals that fall into the pit of debt comes from a lack of knowledge and understanding. Take it from this real life situation from a couple: Liz has a husband who returned his vehicle after he lost his job. Now the company says that he has a debt of $7,000. But the ...

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Blog Posts in 2014

  • Planning for Incapacity

    Estate planning is the process of memorializing who you trust to manage your affairs during incapacity and death, and choosing how your assets will be ...

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  • You Can Purchase A House After Bankruptcy. Here's How.

    Every month thousands of people go through the process of filing for bankruptcy protection, mostly so they can wipe their debt clean and have a fresh ...

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  • Big Student Loans?

    If you're co-signing big student loans for your child, you may want to buy a life insurance policy while you're at it. While no one wants to imagine ...

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  • Protect Your Life Insurance During Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcies are difficult emotionally and financially because your creditors are intent on recovering the debt you owe them. That’s fair. But you ...

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  • Are You and Your Spouse on the Same Page?

    Estate planning isn't exactly people's favorite topic of discussion, but it's absolutely necessary. When planning for the unexpected, it is essential ...

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  • You drafted a living trust... Now what?

    FUNDING YOUR TRUST Once you've made a living trust , there's one more crucial step: funding your trust , which is just as important as creating a ...

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  • What Is Your Hour Factor?

    As a bankruptcy law firm in Rancho Cucamonga, We've heard the saying "time is money" many times. And while that is a saying that everyone understands, ...

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  • It Might Be As Easy As a Phone Call

    If you aren't 100 percent sure you want to declare bankruptcy, I want you to make a phone call. And it's not to me. Call the hardship departments of ...

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  • Escaping Estate Taxes

    One of the benefits of an estate plan is the ability to grant your assets in a way that won't subject your loved ones to estate taxes after you die. ...

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