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Can The Court Deny Your Bankruptcy?

Can The Court Deny Your Bankruptcy?

The short answer is "yes."

There are some cases when bankruptcy petitions are closed without discharge, and your debts are not wiped out. Here are the common reasons why this happens:

  • Not all of required paperwork was submitted to the court or the trustee.
  • Paperwork was not prepared correctly and not submitted.
  • Paperwork was not submitted in a timely fashion and was past the applicable deadlines.
  • Debtor did not complete one or both of required credit counseling classes.
  • Debtor did not come to the mandatory meeting with the trustee, or did not show current identification and valid proof of Social Security number to the trustee.
  • Debtor did not respond to trustee's request for additional information, or did not cooperate with the trustee in some other way (For example, refused to turn over some valuable asset that the creditors were entitled to have).
  • Debtor did not comply with the terms of their bankruptcy case (For example, he or she had a Chapter 13 payment plan, and did not send in required payments, or sent them in a untimely manner).
  • Debtor submitted incomplete, misleading, or fraudulent information (For example, misrepresented income, misrepresented marital status, failed to disclose ownership of real estate in the States or in another country failed to list all of their bank accounts failed to disclose or properly describe transfers of their property that happened within a couple of years before the bankruptcy case, failed to disclose settlement or inheritance they were expecting).

That said, here at Atlantis Law our Attorneys understand the court's requirements and guides you through the process. We have a 100% success rate--we have filed hundreds of chapter 7 bankruptcies and every single has received a successful discharge. When you retain Atlantis Law to assist with your bankruptcy filing, you can be sure your case will go smoothly, with no stress or headache. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


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