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Five Common Probate Mistakes to Avoid

Five Common Probate Mistakes to Avoid

So, you've just been named the executor or administrator of an estate.

A lot of questions and concerns are likely going through your mind right now: when do I have to start acting on my responsibilities? What if I forget to carry one out? Who can I trust to help me navigate this process? Even the most trusted and reliable individuals can find themselves overwhelmed with the sudden responsibilities of the probate process—and many of them are simultaneously dealing with their grief, as well. Let's take a look at five of the most common mistakes executors and administrators make when facing the probate process.

Waiting too long

While no one expects an executor or administrator to resolve an entire estate in record time (it often takes months), starting the process promptly is to everyone's advantage. The longer one waits to start probate, the more taxes accumulate and more impatient beneficiaries and creditors can become (and the chances of a conflict grow).

Failing to Keep Accurate Records

As executor or administrator, accuracy in all your dealings is paramount. Too many executors and administrators fail to keep vigilant records of their dealings when it comes to estate appraisals, paying taxes and creditors, and tracking their own expenses. Ultimately, all these undocumented transactions add up and can affect or delay the final resolution of the estate.

Maintaining the Real Estate

Suddenly becoming responsible for another piece of property is a big responsibility and despite many executors' good intentions, many buildings and residences fall into disrepair during the probate process. Making sure a property is maintained and secure is critical during probate—whether it's to be sold or passed down to a beneficiary.

Not Communicating with Beneficiaries

It's normal for bereaved beneficiaries to be anxious to receive what their deceased loved one has passed down to them. That is why it is important to stay engaged with the beneficiaries and continue to update them on where you are in the probate process. As long as they know the wheels are turning, the chances for a conflict are greatly reduced.

Failing to Retain Proven Compensation

Probate is a complicated and draining process, but it can be made exponentially easier with proven counsel on your side. Not only can a dedicated Rancho Cucamonga probate attorney navigate you through this entire process, but also help avoid the above mistakes, and others, on your journey to resolve your loved one's estate.

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