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Court Appearance

Court Appearance

Court Appearance

After an arrest, you’ll be ordered to appear in court. When you do, here are several important things you’ll want to remember:

  1. Be on Time. This may sound obvious, but many clients get themselves in trouble simply by not being on time. If you’re not on time, a bench warrant may be issued for your arrest and your bail may be raised. Even if a bench warrant is not issued, usually the court and the district attorney know that you are late. This does not help your case as it makes the court and the district attorney believe that you’re not taking your case seriously, even if you are.
  2. Plan ahead and prepare for delays in traffic, parking meters and weather. In southern California, traffic is always an issue. Consequently, most courts aren’t sympathetic to the excuse that traffic caused you to be late. The same is true about parking meters and weather. Bring some change for the meter and give yourself some extra time on the morning of your court date to get to court. If you’re really early, you can always get some coffee at a nearby coffee shop.
  3. Dress to Impress. Judges and district attorneys are human too. If there is a close call to be made on your case, the benefit of the doubt will go to the person who appears to be respectful, takes the case seriously and is dressed to impress. Ideally for men this means a suit and tie. Ideally for women this means a suit, slacks and a formal blouse, or a long formal dress. Perception is reality in life and in court.
  4. Be respectful and courteous to everyone during your entire visit to court. When addressing the judge always say, “Yes, your Honor, or no, your Honor.” Additionally, be respectful to everyone else you encounter during your day at court. The woman next to you in line outside the courthouse or the man in the elevator, might be a district attorney or someone who may ultimately have a say in what happens in your case.
  5. Make sure you know your next court date and time.

These are just a few tips for making a successful court appearance. At Atlantis Law, we guide you through the legal process from A-Z. Covering all the bases to get you the best possible result. Let us know how we can serve you. Contact us today. Our skilled Rancho Cucamonga criminal defense attorney today for a free consultation!


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