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Category: Irrevocable Trusts

By: James A. Long / Estate Planning , Irrevocable Trusts , Living Trusts , Trusts
Putting Your House Into a Trust: Steps and Costs

I’ve been practicing as an estate planning lawyer in California for over 10-years and if there is any advice I most consistently give it is .

By: one400-admin / Irrevocable Trusts , Trusts
Funding a Bypass Trust with a Personal Residence

Funding your bypass trust with your private residence is legally permissible. But it is not always the best idea. Before funding your bypass trust . . .

By: one400-admin / Irrevocable Trusts , Trusts
How to Fund a Bypass Trust with a Promissory Note

A bypass trust can save you millions of dollars in estate taxes. If you want to fund your bypass trust with a promissory note be careful not to. . .

By: one400-admin / Asset Protection , Estate Planning , Irrevocable Trusts , Revocable Living Trusts , Trusts
7 IRS Rules That May Make Your Trust a Disregarded Entity

If you created a trust for tax avoidance or asset protection, these seven IRS rules on disregarded entities are essential. Rule 1, never . . .